mt masking tape

Let's start EASY DIY
activities using mt CASA

It is super easy to enjoy some DIY
with mt CASA adhesive masking tape- all you need is a utility knife! In this video,
I will show you how to arrange and paste mt CASA to decorate homeware.

Please click on the item you like.

  • table
  • flower
  • self
  • lamp
  • chair
  • boxes

This is a thick rolled type of mt.
It does not have many wrinkles.
You can decorate wide areas, such
as walls and furniture by yourself.

1.Fleece roll (tile vintage)
W.23cm × L.5m

Flower vase
Using "Shade" and "Tape"
with beautiful lace patterns.
Combination of polka dots.
Beautiful transparency.

4.Seal S φ3.5cm (matte black,gold)
usage. 3 sheets
5.Shade (lace square) W.9cm × L.10m
usage. 20cm

Remove the back paper of a "Sheet" and paste it.
mt fits closely on flat surfaces.

3.Tape (multi border pastel)
W.5cm × L.10m
usage. 10m

Lamp shade
You can create soft lightbr
by pasting mt on windows or a lamp.
Paste it on glass and plastic goods
so that mt will not come off easily.

5.Shade (check)
W.9cm × L.10m
usage. 2m

Beautiful circle-shaped sticker
transparency which Washi paper is known for.
You can make polka dots by pasting them together.

4.Seal φ5cm (matte black)
W.39.2cm × H.46cm
usage. 10 sheets

Remove the back paper and paste
this sticker type mt.It is good for decorating flat places,
including floors, walls and boxes.

2.Fleece sheet L (Brid Pomegranate)
W.39.2cm × H.46cm
usage. 1sheet
3.Tape (cork) W.5cm × L.10m
usage. 4m
*Large box only

mt CASA is adhesive interior decoration tape. As it is adhesive tape, It is easy to paste on and then easy to remove.